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Öro Trend is a manufacturer of high-end jewelry - entirely made in Italy - featuring a unique and unmistakable personality. The company was established in Valenza in 1980 from the experience of founders Aldo Bellotto and Sandro Ferraris.

The outstanding quality of the jewels – resulting from an extraordinary technique and originality – has allowed the company to immediately become a leader on international markets. Exhibiting at important trade shows has made it popular in a few years and renown as high-end jewelry manufacturer. The company dedicates significant resources to research and development of new technologies and concepts in order to continuously innovate its designs and to align  them to current trends

The new generation has been able to create seamless  continuity with tradition. By adapting designs to the changes of trends and fashion, it has maintained its unmistakable style.

Inspired by classic models and led by an artistic sensitiveness when it comes to matching colors of the different types of precious and semi-precious stones, Öro Trend creates timeless pieces of jewelry.
Wearing them means adding a touch of light and elegance. It means feeling special.

Öro Trend
uses the utmost care in material selection. Hard and semi-precious stones are used with incredible style and fantasy, by combining them with the different shades of gold, diamonds and colored stones.

The shapes, colors and accurate setting of Öro Trend jewels make them unique and unmistakable products. True master pieces than can create an emotional bond with the person wearing them.

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